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Mixture models for clustering and classification
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XEM::ClusteringStrategy Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 ClusteringStrategy ()
 Default constructor.
 ClusteringStrategy (const ClusteringStrategy &strategy)
 ~ClusteringStrategy ()
const ClusteringStrategyInitgetStrategyInit () const
 getStrategyInit More...
void setStrategyInit (ClusteringStrategyInit *iStrategyInit)
void setStrategyInit (StrategyInitName initName, Data *&data, int64_t nbNbCluster, int64_t *tabNbCluster, ModelType *modelType)
void setStrategyInitName (StrategyInitName initName)
void setInitParam (std::string &paramFileName, int64_t position)
void setTabInitParameter (Parameter **tabInitParameter, int64_t nbInitParameter)
void setInitPartition (std::string &partitionFileName, int64_t position)
void setInitPartition (Partition *part, int64_t position)
void setTabPartition (Partition **tabPartition, int64_t nbPartition)
const int64_t getNbTryInInit () const
void setNbTryInInit (int64_t nbTry)
const int64_t getNbIterationInInit () const
void setNbIterationInInit (int64_t nbIteration)
 set NbIterationInInit
const double getEpsilonInInit () const
void setEpsilonInInit (double epsilon)
const AlgoStopName getStopNameInInit () const
void setStopNameInInit (AlgoStopName stopName)
const AlgogetAlgo (int64_t index) const
 getAlgo[i] More...
void setAlgo (AlgoName algoName, int64_t position)
void addAlgo (AlgoName algoName)
 addAlgo (and the end of the list)
void removeAlgo (unsigned int position)
std::vector< Algo * > const & getTabAlgo () const
std::vector< Algo * > & getTabAlgo ()
void insertAlgo (AlgoName algoName, int64_t position)
void setAlgoStopRule (AlgoStopName stopName, int64_t position)
void setAlgoIteration (int64_t position, int64_t nbIterationValue)
void setAlgoEpsilon (int64_t position, double epsilonValue)
const int64_t getNbTry () const
void setNbTry (int64_t nbTry)
const int64_t getNbAlgo () const
void input_FLAT_FORMAT (std::ifstream &fi, Data *&data, int64_t nbNbCluster, int64_t *tabNbCluster, ModelType *modelType)
 Input strategy (FLAT FORMAT)
void run (Model *&model) const
 Run method.
bool verify ()
void edit (std::ostream &out)


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &fo, ClusteringStrategy &strategy)

Member Function Documentation

const Algo * XEM::ClusteringStrategy::getAlgo ( int64_t  index) const


Algo methods

const ClusteringStrategyInit * XEM::ClusteringStrategy::getStrategyInit ( ) const


Strategy initialisation methods

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