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Mixture models for clustering and classification
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XEM::ClusteringStrategyInit Class Reference

Base class for StrategyInitType(s) More...

#include <ClusteringStrategyInit.h>

Public Member Functions

 ClusteringStrategyInit ()
 Default constructor.
 ClusteringStrategyInit (const ClusteringStrategyInit &strategyInit)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~ClusteringStrategyInit ()
const StrategyInitNamegetStrategyInitName () const
void setStrategyInitName (StrategyInitName initName)
const int64_t getNbTry () const
void setNbTry (int64_t nbTry)
const int64_t getNbIteration () const
void setNbIteration (int64_t nbIteration)
 set NbIteration
const double getEpsilon () const
void setEpsilon (double epsilon)
const AlgoStopName getStopName () const
void setStopName (AlgoStopName stopName)
const int64_t & getNbInitParameter () const
const Parameter ** getTabInitParameter () const
ParametergetInitParameter (int64_t index) const
void setInitParam (std::string &paramFileName, int64_t position)
void setTabInitParameter (Parameter **tabInitParameter, int64_t nbInitParameter)
const int64_t & getNbPartition () const
const Partition ** getTabPartition () const
PartitiongetPartition (int64_t index) const
void setPartition (Partition *part, int64_t position)
 set Init Partition
void setPartition (std::string &paramFileName, int64_t position)
 set Init Partition
void setTabPartition (Partition **tabPartition, int64_t nbPartition)
void initSMALL_EM (Model *&model)
 Initialization by EM of the parameters of the model.
void initCEM_INIT (Model *&model)
 Initialization by CEM of the parameters of the model.
void initSEM_MAX (Model *&model)
 Initialization by SEM of the parameters of the model.
void input (std::ifstream &fi, Data *&data, int64_t nbNbCluster, int64_t *tabNbCluster, ModelType *modelType, bool &alreadyRead)
bool verify () const


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &fo, ClusteringStrategyInit &strategyInit)

Detailed Description

Base class for StrategyInitType(s)

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