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Mixture models for clustering and classification
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XEM::CompositeSample Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for XEM::CompositeSample:
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Public Member Functions

 CompositeSample (Sample *, Sample *)
 operator BinarySample * ()
 operator GaussianSample * ()
virtual GaussianSamplegetGaussianSample () const
virtual BinarySamplegetBinarySample () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from XEM::Sample
 Sample ()
 Sample (Sample *iSample)
 Sample (int64_t pbDimension)
virtual ~Sample ()
int64_t getPbDimension ()

Member Function Documentation

virtual BinarySample* XEM::CompositeSample::getBinarySample ( ) const

get Binary sample

Reimplemented from XEM::Sample.

virtual GaussianSample* XEM::CompositeSample::getGaussianSample ( ) const

get gaussian sample

Reimplemented from XEM::Sample.

XEM::CompositeSample::operator BinarySample * ( )

type-cast overloading for Binary sample

XEM::CompositeSample::operator GaussianSample * ( )

type-cast overloading for Gaussian sample

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