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Mixture models for clustering and classification
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XEM::CriterionOutput Class Reference

Base class for Label(s) More...

#include <CriterionOutput.h>

Public Member Functions

 CriterionOutput ()
 Default constructor.
 CriterionOutput (const CriterionOutput &criterionOutput)
 Copy constructor.
 CriterionOutput (CriterionName criterionName)
 CriterionOutput (CriterionName criterionName, double criterionValue, Exception &criterionErrorType)
virtual ~CriterionOutput ()
bool operator== (const CriterionOutput &criterionOutput) const
 Comparison operator.
void editType (std::ostream &oFile) const
void editValue (std::ostream &oFile, bool text=false) const
void editTypeAndValue (std::ostream &oFile) const
CriterionName const getCriterionName () const
double const getValue () const
ExceptiongetError () const
void setCriterionName (CriterionName criterionName)
void setValue (double value)
void setError (Exception &e)

Detailed Description

Base class for Label(s)

F Langrognet

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