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Mixture models for clustering and classification
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XEM::GaussianData Class Reference

Base class for Gaussian Data. More...

#include <GaussianData.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GaussianData ()
 Default constructor.
 GaussianData (const GaussianData &iData)
 GaussianData (int64_t nbSample, int64_t pbDimension, const std::string &dataFileName)
 GaussianData (int64_t nbSample, int64_t pbDimension)
 Constructor (without fill matrix)
 GaussianData (int64_t nbSample, int64_t pbDimension, double **matrix)
 Constructor (with matrix)
 GaussianData (int64_t nbSample, int64_t pbDimension, double weightTotal, Sample **&matrix, double *weight)
 GaussianData (int64_t nbSample, int64_t pbDimension, Data *originalData, CVBlock &block)
virtual ~GaussianData ()
virtual Dataclone () const
 Selector. More...
virtual Sample ** cloneMatrix ()
 Copy. More...
virtual void input (std::ifstream &fi)
 Read data from gaussian data file Gaussian Data file to read.
virtual void input (const DataDescription &dataDescription)
 Read data from XEMDataDescription.
virtual void output (std::ostream &fo)
 Write gaussian data in output file Output file to write into.
virtual bool verify () const
double ** getYStore ()
double getInv2PiPow () const
double getHalfPbDimensionLog2Pi () const
double getPbDimensionLog2Pi () const
double * getTmpTabOfSizePbDimension () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from XEM::Data
 Data ()
 Default constructor.
 Data (const Data &iData)
 Data (int64_t nbSample, int64_t pbDimension)
 Data (int64_t nbSample, int64_t pbDimension, double weightTotal, double *weight)
 Constructor (for dataReduce)
virtual ~Data ()
virtual GaussianDatagetGaussianData ()
virtual BinaryDatagetBinaryData ()
void setWeightTotal (double weightTotal)
 Selector. More...
void setWeight (std::string weightFileName)
void setWeight (double *weight)
void setWeightDefault ()
const std::string & getFileName () const
const Sample ** getData () const
const SamplegetDataI (int64_t index) const
const double * getWeight () const
const double & getWeightI (int64_t index) const
const std::string & getFileNameWeight () const
 get FilenameWeight
int64_t getPbDimension () const
 get dimension
int64_t getNbSample () const
 get Number of samples
bool hasDefaultWeight () const

Detailed Description

Base class for Gaussian Data.

F Langrognet

Member Function Documentation

Data * XEM::GaussianData::clone ( ) const


A copy of data

Implements XEM::Data.

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Sample ** XEM::GaussianData::cloneMatrix ( )


A copy data matrix

Implements XEM::Data.

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