mixmod  3.2.0
Mixture models for clustering and classification
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XEM::Label Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Label ()
 Default constructor.
 Label (int64_t nbSample)
 Label (Model *model)
 Label (const Label &iLabel)
virtual ~Label ()
bool operator== (const Label &label) const
 Comparison operator.
void edit (std::ostream &stream) const
 edit labels
int64_t * getTabLabel () const
 get label
std::vector< int64_t > const & getLabel () const
 get label
void setLabel (int64_t *label, int64_t nbSample)
 set Label
void setLabel (std::vector< int64_t > label, int64_t nbSample)
int64_t getNbSample () const
const double getErrorRate (std::vector< int64_t > const &label) const
int64_t ** getClassificationTab (std::vector< int64_t > const &label, int64_t nbCluster) const
void input (std::ifstream &flux, int64_t nbCluster)
 input stream
void input (const LabelDescription &labelDescription)

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