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Mixture models for clustering and classification
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XEM::LearnInput Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 LearnInput ()
 Default Constructor.
 LearnInput (const LearnInput &CInput)
 Copy Constructor.
 LearnInput (DataDescription *learnData, LabelDescription *knownLabelDescription)
 Initialisation constructor.
virtual ~LearnInput ()
const int64_t getNbCVBlock () const
virtual void setCriterion (std::vector< CriterionName > const &criterionName)
virtual void setCriterion (const CriterionName criterionName, unsigned int index)
virtual void insertCriterion (const CriterionName criterionName, unsigned int index)
virtual void addCriterion (const CriterionName criterionName)
void setNbCVBlock (int64_t nbCVBlock)
 set the number of CV blocks
- Public Member Functions inherited from XEM::Input
 Input ()
 Default Constructor.
 Input (const Input &input)
 Copy Constructor.
 Input (const std::vector< int64_t > &iNbCluster, const DataDescription &iDataDescription)
 Initialisation constructor.
void cloneInitialisation (const std::vector< int64_t > &iNbCluster, const DataDescription &iDataDescription)
 clone initialisation
 Input (Input *originalInput, CVBlock &learningBlock)
virtual ~Input ()
int64_t getNbSample () const
int64_t getPbDimension () const
std::vector< int64_t > getNbCluster () const
 get all NbCluster
int64_t getNbCluster (int64_t index) const
 get ith NbCluster
int64_t getNbClusterSize () const
 get NbCluster size
std::vector< CriterionName >
const & 
getCriterionName () const
 get All Criterion Name
int64_t getNbCriterion () const
CriterionName getCriterionName (unsigned int index) const
void removeCriterion (unsigned int index)
std::vector< ModelType * > getModelType () const
 get ModelType vector
void setModelType (const ModelType *modelType, unsigned int index)
void insertModelType (const ModelType *modelType, unsigned int index)
void addModelType (const ModelType *modelType)
 add new model type (at the end)
void removeModelType (unsigned int index)
void addModel (ModelName const modelName)
 add new model (modelName -> modelType)
void setModel (std::vector< ModelName > const &modelName)
 setModel (modelName -> modelType) More...
void setWeight (std::string weightFileName)
 setSubDimensionEqual More...
void setWeight (double *weight)
void removeWeight ()
void insertWeight (std::string weightFileName)
PartitiongetKnownPartition () const
 removeWeight(); More...
void setKnownPartition (std::string iFileName)
void insertKnownPartition (std::string iFileName)
void removeKnownPartition ()
const LabelDescriptiongetKnownLabelDescription () const
void setKnownLabelDescription (LabelDescription &labeldescription)
void removeKnownLabelDescription ()
const DataType getDataType () const
void finalize ()
const DataDescriptiongetDataDescription () const
 get Data Description
DatagetData () const
 get Data
bool isFinalized () const
virtual void edit (std::ostream &out) const

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool verif ()

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