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Mixture models for clustering and classification
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XEM::Parameter Class Referenceabstract

Base class for XEMParameter(s) More...

#include <Parameter.h>

Inheritance diagram for XEM::Parameter:

Public Member Functions

 Parameter ()
 Default constructor.
 Parameter (int64_t iNbCluster, int64_t iPbDimension, ModelType *iModelType)
 Parameter (Model *iModel, ModelType *iModelType)
 Parameter (const Parameter *iParameter)
 Constructor ccopy)
virtual ~Parameter ()
virtual GaussianParametergetGaussianParameter ()
virtual BinaryParametergetBinaryParameter ()
virtual bool operator== (const Parameter &param) const
 Comparison operator.
virtual void reset ()=0
 reset to default values
virtual Parameterclone () const =0
 Selector. More...
virtual double getPdf (int64_t iSample, int64_t kCluster) const =0
virtual void getAllPdf (double **tabFik, double *tabProportion) const =0
virtual double getPdf (Sample *x, int64_t kCluster) const =0
void computeTabProportion ()
virtual int64_t getFreeParameter () const =0
 Selector. More...
virtual double getLogLikelihoodOne () const =0
 get loglikelihood with one cluster
virtual void computeTikUnderflow (int64_t i, double **tabTik)
 compute Tik for xi (i=0 -> _nbSample-1) when underflow
virtual void initUSER (Parameter *iParam)=0
 init user
int64_t generateRandomIndex (bool *tabIndividualCanBeUsedForInitRandom, double *weight, double totalWeight)
virtual void initForInitRANDOM ()=0
 initialize attributes before an InitRandom
virtual void updateForInitRANDOMorUSER_PARTITION (Sample **tabSampleForInit, bool *tabClusterToInitialze)=0
virtual void initForInitUSER_PARTITION (int64_t &nbInitializedCluster, bool *tabNotInitializedCluster, Partition *initPartition)=0
virtual void MStep ()=0
 Maximum a posteriori step method. More...
virtual void edit ()=0
virtual void edit (std::ofstream &oFile, bool text=false)=0
virtual void input (std::ifstream &fi)=0
double * getTabProportion () const
 get TabProportion
int64_t getNbCluster () const
 get nbCluster
int64_t getPbDimension () const
 get pbDimension
bool getFreeProportion () const
ModelgetModel () const
ModelTypegetModelType () const
virtual void setModel (Model *iModel)
 setModel , made it virtual so that composite paramter class can override it.
void setModelType (ModelType *iModeltype)
 set modeltype
const std::string & getFilename () const
void setFilename (const std::string &filename)
virtual void recopy (Parameter *otherParameter)=0
 recopie sans faire construction / destruction
virtual void updateForCV (Model *originalModel, CVBlock &CVBlock)=0
FormatNumeric::FormatNumericFile getFormat () const
 get Format
void setFormat (const FormatNumeric::FormatNumericFile format)
 set FormatNumeric

Detailed Description

Base class for XEMParameter(s)

F Langrognet

Member Function Documentation

virtual double XEM::Parameter::getPdf ( int64_t  iSample,
int64_t  kCluster 
) const
pure virtual
virtual double XEM::Parameter::getPdf ( Sample x,
int64_t  kCluster 
) const
pure virtual
virtual void XEM::Parameter::initForInitUSER_PARTITION ( int64_t &  nbInitializedCluster,
bool *  tabNotInitializedCluster,
Partition initPartition 
pure virtual

initialize attributes for init USER_PARTITION outputs :

  • nbInitializedCluster
  • tabNotInitializedCluster (array of size _nbCluster)

Implemented in XEM::BinaryParameter, XEM::GaussianEDDAParameter, XEM::GaussianHDDAParameter, and XEM::CompositeParameter.

virtual void XEM::Parameter::MStep ( )
pure virtual

Maximum a posteriori step method.

Maximization step method

Implemented in XEM::BinaryParameter, XEM::GaussianParameter, XEM::GaussianEDDAParameter, XEM::GaussianHDDAParameter, and XEM::CompositeParameter.

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