mixmod  3.2.0
Mixture models for clustering and classification
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XEM::PredictOutput Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 PredictOutput ()
 Default Constructor.
 PredictOutput (const PredictOutput &lOutput)
 Copy Constructor.
 PredictOutput (Model *estimation)
 Initialisation constructor.
virtual ~PredictOutput ()
bool operator== (const PredictOutput &output) const
 Comparison operator.
PredictModelOutputgetPredictModelOutput (unsigned int index) const
< PredictModelOutput * > const & 
getPredictModelOutput () const

Member Function Documentation

PredictModelOutput * XEM::PredictOutput::getPredictModelOutput ( unsigned int  index) const

return the index'th' ClusteringModelOutput Note : index is between 0 and size(ClusteringModelOutput)-1

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