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The PyMixmod package contains :

  • a set of functions giving access to all MIXMOD features in Python 2.7.* and 3.6.* via the Anaconda environment. Some of these functions are dedicated to visualisation via the Matplotlib library.
  • a set of Python classes representing the concepts handled by MIXMOD for an Object Oriented Programming approach.

Note: In order to improve the performance, PyMixmod is written in Cython and computations are performed via the native libMixmod library.


PyMixmod 0.1 for Linux - 64 bits (06/02-2017)

Install PyMixmod

Currently, PyMixmod is available on Linux - 64 bits and MacOSX environments and it is going to be available soon on Windows.

It is Python 2.7.* and Python 3.6.* compatible.

Installation on Linux - 64 bits

If Anaconda (>=4.3.0) is already installed on your workstation, you should skip to the 3rd step bellow, else:

  1. Download the Anaconda installer from http://continuum.io/downloads site (you are free to choose between Python 2.7 and Python 3.6 distribution)
  2. Follow the guide on the distribution site for installing Anaconda.
  3. Download the PyMixmod package according to your Anaconda installation Python version (it is strongly recomended to verify data integrity with SHA-256)
  4. Install the previously downloaded package with the conda command provided by Anaconda:
    conda install pymixmod-0.1-pyXX_0.tar.bz2 # XX=27 or 36

NB: If the path to the Anaconda binaries is not available in your execution environment, then you have to execute conda by providing the explicite path, for instance:

    $HOME/anaconda2/bin/conda install pymixmod-0.1-py27_0.tar.bz2

Installation on MacOSX

Comming soon

Installation on Windows

Comming soon


After installing PyMixmod, you should be able to access the documentation with your favorite browser :

  • /PATH/TO/ANACONDA/share/pymixmod/doc/quickstart.html in order to read the quickstart
  • /PATH/TO/ANACONDA/share/pymixmod/doc/html/index.html to read the API documentation.

You also can see many examples here :

  • /PATH/TO/ANACONDA/share/pymixmod/examples